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None of us are as smart as when we're working together!

( Yes, you read that correctly! )

A S    S E E N    O N



Together, we own a lot of companies,  do a ton of real estate deals, buy distressed businesses, have a successful private equity fund, and do business in 54 countries. After coaching thousands of clients in the first 4 months of this pandemic, we realized the majority of them were struggling, whether they needed help with coming up with next-level marketing ideas, sales strategies, branding ideas, raising capital, getting more connections or scaling their business to the next level. 

Our clients needed our help and wanted us to be involved in their businesses. This is something we have avoided doing for the past 8 years, but we have finally agreed to reverse our position and decided we would get involved in 15 of our clients' companies. 




Tell Us About Your Business

Tell us about your business- revenue, profits, etc. Once we know a bit about your business, we will let you know if we are interested in pursuing it further.



Deep Dive

Determine Involvement

JT Foxx, Francie, and Charlie will do a complete deep dive into your business on marketing, sales, accounting, and operations for 3 hours. No stone will be left unturned. 

JT Foxx, Francie, and Charlie will confer as to what their involvement in your company will be.


Present the Offer

JT Foxx & Francie will present you with the offer of their involvement.



Accept or Decline

Coaching Session or Move Forward

If you decline their offers, you will still get to take away all the advice and coaching you received from the previous sessions AND you will get a 50% refund. (It would essentially turn into a coaching session at a fraction of the price.) If you accept, we will proceed with our new agreement together and the work will begin.

You will decide to accept or decline their offer.

Marketing Infrastructure

Sales & Closing Infrastructure


Joint-Venture Between Our Organizations and Yours

Contacts and Connections 

Ability to Be On Your Board of Directors

Strategy and Ongoing Support 

National and Global Expansion 

Access to JT Foxx’s personal Coaches

Personal & Business Branding

Scaling and Growth Infrastructure

Real Estate Capital 

Sending You Great Real Estate Deals 

Introducing You to Other Clients With Great deals or Capital 


Top of the line coaches, at your service... 


You will need to set up a call with our team first to see if we are both interested!

Just fill out the form and we will be in touch with you soon. 


JT Foxx

Becoming a top real estate investor or entrepreneur requires persistence, ambition, effort, loyalty, commitment and a strong work ethic. I would know because I started with nothing and grew my real estate empire over time. Now, I'm teaching people like you exactly what I did with buying properties below-market. There's no such thing as "get rich quick", but if you follow my steps, I assure you're going to get there soon. 

Francie Baldwin

After spending years in the media industry, Francie started her own marketing company after meeting JT Foxx (the Worlds #1 Wealth & Business Coach) in 2012. She later took on all of the marketing for JT’s business and brands in 2013 then becoming CEO in 2019. She has done a lot of work in social media, lead generation, and adapting social trends to generate business and build brands organically. She now works with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world on building their personal and business brands, starting with what their business stands for and how to position and market the results that they deliver.

George Ross

George Ross was the right-hand man of Donald Trump. He has been in real estate for nearly 50 years as a real estate attorney. His influence and smart strategies have made him a senior advisor to one of the most successful men in the world. Besides his investment work with Trump, Ross was a central figure in NBC's The Apprentice TV show. He has written several books, including Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor and Trump-Style Negotiation.

Steve Mandell

Super Agent for celebrities, sports athletes and media personalities, Steve Mandell is known as one the best dealmakers in the world having business interest in over 50 companies, done over 200 properties deals and he is still a licensed attorney. He is a creative master at making deals happen and he wants to work with you. JT and Steve have had a friendship for 10 years now.


Charlie is a nationally recognized CPA and is one of the foremost authorities on tax planning and mitigation. His clients include professional athletes, entertainers, healthcare professionals, internet marketers and other successful closely held business owners. Unlike most CPAs who focus on compliance issues and have a historical emphasis, Charlie is best known for the tax savings he is able to achieve for his clients through constant planning, coaching and ongoing guidance. Charlie began his career in the late 80’s at Big Four national accounting firm Ernst and Young. He holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary, along with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Virginia Tech. He is a highly recognized author and a regular speaker at financial and investment workshops throughout the country.




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